The Key to Creating Your Bias-Free Washington Workplace

This #1-selling program covers today's most challenging training topics through powerful storytelling and practical instruction.

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Our top-selling respectful workplace solution helps employees createa workplace where everyone feels respected, safe and engaged.

We all have a vision of our ideal workplace – an inclusive and equitable workplace free from bias, bullying and harassment of any type. Creating a culture that values and demands a respectful workplace for all requires effective communication and training. 

Between receiving 8 awards for cinematic and educational excellence, and staying on top of our best-seller list since the day it was released, How Was Your Day? is a hit by anyone’s standards. The program:

Offers compelling, effective training on today’s toughest topics

Provides a comprehensive package with powerful video and extensive support materials

Helps employees understand and avoid behaviors that hurt or disrespect others

Has a diverse cast and wide range of workplace settings

Offers tips and techniques that are easy to apply

Teaches ways to build inclusion

Features engaging and inspiring stories

Award-Winning Content

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With This Comprehensive Employee Training Package - You Meet Your Training Requirements.

The 4 topics are presented in separate, stand-alone modules. You can cover them all in one session, or choose to tackle them one or two at a time. This modular approach helps employees focus on and fully grasp the nuances of each topic. Learners see the impact different actions can have on individuals and teams, and receive instruction on the best way to build a truly inclusive, respectful workplace

Overcoming Unconscious Bias (6 minutes)

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion (6 minutes)

Stopping Harassment (7 minutes)

Standing up to Bullying (6 minutes)

Included Training Materials

Pocket Cards

Leader’s Guide and PowerPoint slides

Employee Handbook

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How Was Your Day? is ideal for classroom training, blended learning or individual self-paced learning.

up to 100 learners

All 4 topics are also offered as a fully interactive eLearning course

Contains all video segments as well as extensive support material for facilitator-led training. 

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